Roy Anderson traveled the world in search of his own history. We helped him map it.

Roy Anderson is a Hollywood stunt coordinator and filmmaker, and a proud descendant of the Jamaican Maroons, the first people to stand up to a global superpower. Roy set out to research and document the history of his people for a documentary feature to be released in 2012.

He contacted Pie a la Mode Productions to design the maps that would chronicle the journey he took from Jamaica to Ghana, as well as the history of the Maroons from their colonial roots to the present.

The vintage maps were rendered with the warm look of aged parchment and accented with elegantly chosen, slightly distressed typography. The modern maps use cleaner typography and a color palette that loosely recalls the Jamaican flag. The color maroon also appears as an homage to Roy's heritage.

Akwantu: The Journey on Facebook

Tools used:

-Adobe Illustrator
-Adobe Photoshop